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How to make a survival bracelet with paracord

Making paracord bracelets hes been quite a hot topic lately. Many people like to make them because they look great and you have an almost unlimited amount of tutorials available all over the place.Paracord survival bracelet

How to make a survival bracelet that does its job perfectly?

Unlike most bracelets, a survival bracelet should be optimized to the situation you expect yourself to be in and should compliment your other gear.
The survival bracelet has the advantage to be compact so it fits in most survival load outs without bringing along any additional encumbrance. It sports enough paracord 550 for most common uses. Building a shelter, making a clothes line or replacing the laces in your shoes are just a few examples of its use. 
To make the best use of your bracelet, try to incorporate items you NEED in order to survive. These are some common building parts for a survival bracelet:

  • Paracord (available on Amazon)
  • A buckle/clip
  • compass
  • watch (I love incorporating these into my bracelets- paracord makes a great watchband!)
  • fire starter (which helps you make a fire)
  • whistle
  • wire (wire is very handy and can serve as a saw!)
Before is show you how to make a survival bracelet using paracord, I would like to list a few principles:
  • the bracelet should be made from a single strand, which means it provides the longest cord available
  • try to use a quality source of cord
  • do not make bracelets that are hard to disassemble 
These principles will help you make a quality paracord bracelet that does it's job!

Now let's take a look at how to make a survival bracelet using the standard, most widespread method available:
DIY survival bracelet

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