torek, 25. marec 2014

Millipede paracord bracelet

One of my favorite bracelets to make is the millipede paracord bracelet. In this showcase I will tell you a bit about the bracelet.

The millipede paracord bracelet is often also called a half-hitched bracelet. Naturally that is because it is made out of half hitches!

The things that make this bracelet amazing are:
  • easy to make
  • beautiful and unique look
  • very easy to unravel in an emergency
These characteristics place it in the rare, elite club of the quick deploy paracord bracelets. These are made using various techniques, but they all have one thing in common. They are fast to deploy and get cord to work with. These makes them perfect for making survival bracelets. Integrate various survival items into this design and you will have a powerful survival bracelet.

As mentioned, the bracelet is made using half hitches. You simply alternate making them on each side. I love using two different colors since the contrast is really nice, as seen in the image. Finish using the lanyard knot.

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