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Most popular paracord projects

I was wondering for quite while, what the most popular paracord projects were!
Naturally, this is a topic of preference for individuals, but some paracord projects are a lot more popular than others.

The most popular paracord project is by far the bracelet. It comes in so many variations that I am willing to bet that no one person on earth knows all the ways to make one. Paracord bracelets are great decorative pieces, but they also serve well for survival purposes. I highly advise using quick deployment bracelets for survival, since these can be used in a moments notice unlike other designs, which take their sweet time to unravel.
Paracord bracelets
The next very popular project are key fobs. Note that I did not say key chains, since there is a slight difference! Key fobs made from paracord are popular because they have unique looks, are colorful and most importantly, have some paracord that you can use in various situations.
A key fob
You would be amazed how well received dog collars, leashes and other pet related items are! Paracord seems to bring a lot of great things to the table for dog owners, so if you own a a dog, this is a really good project for a rainy afternoon. Making a collar is easy and the result is not only stunning, but also cheap and quality made (those two things usually do not walk hand in hand!).
Dog collar
Various gear for survival purposes is also quite popular in the paracord community. Can coozies, pouches, water bottle holders, various knife and axe wraps, you can be sure that survival experts appreciate paracord and are just looking for ways to integrate additional paracord pieces into their survival gear!
Water bottle holder/wrap
Paracord animals! Many individuals like to play around and create with paracord. And I mean create! I have seen things like paracord scorpions, snakes, spiders, even a paracord lobster made. You can really get creative with paracord. It is like sculpting, but with cord :).

I hope this was an entertaining read. If you like to work with cord, you may also appreciate the following few ideas on what to make, found in the video below.

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