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Piranha knot paracord bracelet instructions

Today I show you how to make a piranha knot paracord bracelet.

 Also known as the shark jaw bone or simply shark jaw bracelet, it is a very popular design among paracord crafters. It is fairly simple to make (my way) and provides an exotic, eye pleasing look. What I really like about this bracelet is that you can wear it on either side. Each side is the opposite color combination of the other.

The design I will show uses a lanyard knot as the finishing knot. You can choose to use bracelet buckles though, which is easier and also quite appealing to the eye.

As far as the items needed go, you will need paracord 550, something to melt the cord, a knife to cut the cord with and optionally a buckle.
I recommend you get yourself a bracelet jig to help you keep bracelets in place while you are making them. It makes your job easier, faster and quite frankly, more enjoyable.

The bracelet is made using a modified cobra knot, which is done through the core of the bracelet. As such this bracelet is a bit harder to make than the cobra knot one, but also quite rewarding because of it.
If the bracelet does not look quite right after the first few knots, do not be worried, it gets straightened out later on. Just be sure to make your knots equally (which is a task in itself!).

Other than that, I think my bracelet tutorial that follows will be all that you need to make one.

How to make the piranha knot bracelet:

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask away!

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